The Talk of Town

The Talk of Town

Everything is designed. Only a few things are designed well. Holds true for the one-of-a-kind crisp, informative, and nation-wide architecture, art, and design event - the Talk of Town series by Surfaces Reporter. It aims to connect, engage, unify, integrate and grow the architects, artists, and designers fraternity to facilitate learning, sharing and networking among the industry’s who’s who, industry biggies and the aspiring ones.

The neatly designed conference is aimed to unite the circuit, know and interact with your peers in your area and make the shared learning an info-licious experience.

The three-four hour session is carefully power packed, where the community of Architecture and Design in that region assemble, participate and share their wisdom and industry updates [new and best practices, projects, views of thought leaders, how technology is sharpening the business of design, keynotes by stalwarts of the industry, sharing research about real estate, views on the quality of existing products and materials, novel application ideas, and general opinion on how and where is the industry moving]. The informative panel discussions [truly insightful sessions], a pinch of light music, drinks and relishing refreshments, and endless networking opportunities form the essence of it. There’s a lot for everyone to enjoy, enrich, enhance and engage. And that is what the intent of the get-together is.

The carefully handpicked niche panellists dominate the region and are the key decision-makers in their county for projects, products and people.

Incepted in 2016, this is the 3rd year of Talk of Town with the 1st event of this year in Mumbai on 7th April 2018. It will stretch to five more cities this year encompassing Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, and Ahmedabad, though not necessarily in that order.

The last two years have been utterly a stounding, encouraging and satiating, in terms of roaring participation, highly engaging informal interactions which transformed to new business relationships, one to one design discussions, brand presentations, heart-felt reviews and blessings, keen sponsors, and a ‘we need more’ voice from the industry.

The Talk of Town series is the brain child of Surfaces Reporter, which is today a synonym for thought provoking content on designs, products and projects in the industry. Deeply connected with, in and around the industry, the brand SR possesses humongous intellectual wealth and a delighted clientele to serve to.

Strengths of Surfaces Reporter as your Event and Knowledge partner:

  • A name to rely on, when it is about industry specific and theme based events. Surfaces Reporter is also the Knowledge partner for WADe Asia [World Women in Arts, Architecture and Design], an international platform amplifying women entrepreneurship.
  • Surfaces Reporter is media partner with some of the best events in the world like World Architecture Festival, Inside Festival, international guests of Milan Design Week Italy, Cevisama Spain, and have partnered with more than 150+ events, mini-events and exhibitions across the world in last seven years.
  • Your message touches a wider and newer audience. Customized and sharp HD content is generated in the form of articles and blogs, which gets widely promoted across the print [30000 print copies] and web properties [60000 e-zines] along with great online and social occurrence.
  • PAN India connections with a database of the architecture and design fraternity from top to toe – from the craftsmen to chiefs.

It is so encouraging and immensely satisfying to be able to identify, connect with, and acknowledge the community of art maestros, budding talents, architecture geniuses, design prodigies, and many more creatively brilliant personalities in their respective hemispheres.

The Talk of Town is a platform for you if you operate in the realm of these hemispheres. For sponsorship, participation and other engaging opportunities, please toss a line to

We are absolutely committed to invest bigger efforts, go the extra mile, and stretch the platform to diverse and deeper territories of arts, architecture and design, in our quest to diversify, connect and empower the industry at large.