The Talk of Town, Delhi

If you have missed your presence in Delhi The Talk of Town by Surfaces Reporter and The Ply Reporter, please send your Request to so that you Do Not miss next time. We will ensure you get information prior to our next event. Do mention your professional category - Architect/ Engineer/ Urban Planner/ Interior Designer/ Artist/ Brand/ others

Known for thought provoking articles on designs, products, and projects in the industry, Surfaces Reporter has moved one step further by introducing Surfaces Reporter’s Talk Series which involves real time conversations on signifiacnt topics related to the industry.

The first was held in Delhi in association with Orient Bell Limited at their newly designed & re-launched exclusive company owned boutique at GK-II New Delhi. It was a grand success with a great turnout and engaging panel discussions.

Guests enjoyed a fine musical evening with relishing refreshments arranged by Arjun Sagar from The Piano Man.

The highlights of the evening were the topics, ‘Space Innovention: The evolution of shared & collaborative spaces’ and ‘Alternate yet connected career options for women architects during break from mainstream’. Both the topics resonated with the audience in the gathering and there was post session discussion with the guests.

SPACE INNOVENTION was moderated by Dr. Anuradha Chaterjee, Academic at Shristi School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore while the Panelist of the sessions were Ar. Manish Gulati, Principal, M:OFA Studios Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, Ar. Ishvinder Kaur and Ar.Vikas Sabharwal, Principals, ivpartners, Gurgaon. The discussion provided some thoughtprovoking views on the ongoing Shared homes, co-working plug & play Spaces & its Design challenges, specially with the advent of startup platforms such as OYO Rooms, Air BnB, Bla Bla car etc.

The second Panel discussion, moderated by Vertica Dvivedi, Founding Editor, Surfaces Reporter magazine & Founder, WADe India was on ALTERNATE YET CONNECTED CAREER OPTIONS FOR WOMEN IN DESIGN for those who need to take a break from mainstream Work yet wish to stay connected with the industry and happenings around. The panelist of the session were Ar. Priyanka Khanna, Principal, 42mm Architecture, Ar. Manishi Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Design Cosmos and Ar. Tanya Khanna, Founder & Director, Epistle Communications.

The two discussions were followed by a captivating presentation by Madhur Daga, Joint Managing Director, Orient Bell Limited, who launched the Orient Tile Aid App. He shared about OBL’s special CSR activities in Secunderabad, Uttar Pradesh where a school for the under previleged is completely transformed with the smart Digital tiles from OBL. The application of digitally interactive tiles has not only made the school more clean and maintenance free. The design in tiles are enabling young minds to learn from them as well.